Fashion and style are ever-evolving, that means there’s always room for additional variety within the craft. There are not many fashion labels designed keeping the dark community in mind or let alone spotting a line of black fashion designers within the industry, but there are many admirable black entrepreneurs who’ve made great strides for what they believe in. Not only is purchasing Brown-owned items a chance to financially support the community, but it also allows and supports these artists, designers, and creators the opportunity to inspire and craft wonders for a living. Here are the top 5 fashion labels owned by black people that we should know about:


The brand is a fashion label launched by 3 women, Tina, Rikke, and Patti. There weren’t many t-shirts that reflected the pretty brown women, who they are and can be authentic, powerful and strong. So the Brown Crayons made some. The tees are sold in unisex, women and girls sizes and are super adorable yet empowering. Thankfully, the line is filling the void in fashion by showcasing bold and gorgeous brown women ladies on their tops.



This fashion label gives you the cutest handmade pieces with a traditional tribal feel. This Amsterdam based small business has its roots from Africa and crafts items with the purpose of promoting unity and self-awareness amongst the African diaspora and creating job opportunities for the African locals. The lovely everyday wears handmade pieces come in the most attractive high-end and casual designs for men and women both that is sure to turn heads with its gorgeous African aesthetics.












Looking to add that chic 80s and 90s aura to your wardrobe? Look no further- Timeless Era is here to save the day. Enthused by the vintage street style looks, the brand sells backpacks, hats, sweatshirts, and shirts, for those who’re fashion-forward enough. The purpose is to craft timeless wear with a contemporary twist for people of all colors so they never go out of style. These beauties fit and complement everyone well, are safe and comfortable- definitely a worthy classic investment.




This gorgeous brand is surely every nerdy, cute and quirky dressers fantasy!  The line’s range of precious accessories and eccentric tees are ideal for women who adore a tinge of whimsicality in their lives. Being brown and proud, conscious and adorable, this cutesy fashion brand has embodied the sweet feminine vibe and creative aesthetics while also highlighting the stunning features of being a brown girl which are usually often left out by other fashion labels.


Launched by Danielle LJ Daley, this intersectional fashion line is basically the fusion of the owner’s activism and artistry. It’s the conclusion of her various passions and identities in visual form, issues that people usually shy away from talking about or shedding some light even within their own community. Wear your heart on the sleeves and personality on these appealing casual shirts that address social issues, LGBT community, and race.


Stand for quality and include a few of these striking black-owned fashion pieces into your wardrobe to shine inside and out.


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