Olivia Culpo on Becoming the Face of TIMEX’s New Crystal Bloom Collection

Olivia Culpo on Becoming the Face of TIMEX's New Crystal Bloom Collection

Model and Actress Olivia Culpo Hosts a Celebration for the TIMEX 2018 Women’s Collection Launch in New York City. Culpo is the face of the new Crystal Bloom Collection. Photos by Monica Schipper for Getty Images.

In fact, it’s hard to remember that just six years ago the brunette beauty was a teenager from Rhode Island who entered a pageant (her first ever) and went on to become Miss Universe. Not surprisingly, her style has changed since then, and Culpo credits that to one piece of fashion advice.

“The best piece of fashion advice I’ve been given is don’t be afraid to take risks,” she told us at the TIMEX 2018 Women’s Collection Launch at The NoMad Hotel Rooftop on April 24. “When I was younger, I was more timid and would look at trends and think I couldn’t pull that off. But now I realize that as long as you’re confident, you can really rock anything. I am ready to just go for it and have so much fun with fashion. It shouldn’t be serious.”

A risky (or should we say risqué) outfit that got a lot of attention was the unbuttoned jacket she wore sans shirt and bra to Gigi Hadid’s birthday party the night prior. “That was a daring one,” Culpo said the of the ensemble. “But that is actually my style. Plus, it was okay because I had sticky tape.”

For the 25-year-old, it was her outfit at Coachella that pushed her fashion comfort level. “I wore a newspaper boy hat with a veil over it,” she said. “I’m getting used to things like that, which are a little bit edgier or not quite my style.”

Culpo admits she even takes fashion cues from her model pals like Gigi. “I am always inspired by what my friends wear,” she said. “My friend was wearing a pajama set at Coachella last week, and I said, ‘You’re wearing pajamas out?’ She said back, “It’s not pajamas; it’s a set. I didn’t know there was a difference. So, yes, I am inspired a lot by what my friends wear.”

The Instagram influencer is also inspired by her location. “There is definitely a different vibe in New York,” she said. “I find myself wearing darker colors when I come here, whereas in LA I feel like I stick to a lot more earth tones or bright, happy colors because the sun is always out. It’s interesting how different vibes can put you in different moods, which makes you want to put on different types of clothes.”

When it comes to designing clothes though, the former beauty queen wants her pieces to be accessible. “I pull inspiration from what I feel comfortable in but most importantly what I think anybody would feel comfortable in,” she said. “I want something that somebody can dress up, dress down, and that is a staple in her closet. I also try to make the price point as reasonable as possible. It’s attainable fashion.”

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