Jay Z & Beyonce Drop Joint Album & And The Fashion Is Insane

The world’s hottest couple has done it again – Queen Bey and Jay Z have dropped another collaborative album titled “Everything Is Love.” The highly anticipated album has been rumored for months and complements their current “On the Run II” tour. The album dropped on Jay’s music streaming platform “Tidal” Saturday afternoon and features 9 jams by the couple. The world first heard of the news via Beyonce’s Instagram feed.

While everyone who has Tidal is playing the album on repeat, she did drop a clip of the music video for the track “APES**T,” which featured some insane fashion. Of course, in true Queen Bey style, the outfits the duo sports are some next-level threads! In the video the couple upstage the most famous artworks in the world’s famous museum, the Louvre, making her fashions a serious masterpiece in itself. Throughout the video, Beyonce and Jay Z make their way through some of the museum’s most famous pieces, ranging from the “Mona Lisa” to “Venus De Milo,” rocking some amazing outfits.

But her outfits also have a deeper meaning because Beyonce doesn’t do things just because. Her wardrobe pieces give subtle nod to a handful of influential women in each of the pieces. So instead of just depicting that women are merely objects of beauty as shown by the pieces on the walls, she makes sure she brings each of the figures to life.

The pink satin suit designed by Peter Pilotto complements Jay Z’s Tiffany blue number as they stand in front of the “Mona Lisa.” She then shows us she’s a queen in a plaid Burberry two-piece while in front of Jacques Louis-David’s “The Coronation of the Emperor Napoleon I and the Crowning of the Empress Josephine in Norte Dame Cathedral.”

Then there’s the outfit where they both reenact the painting by Marie-Guillemine Benoist called “Portrait of a Negress” looking royal as ever. The ivory ball gown that she wears in front of sculpture “The Winged Victory of Samothrace” personifies the statue’s power and influence that the goddess Nike posses. She alter become the goddess Aphrodite as depicted in the painting titled “Venus de Milo” in her nude leotard, while later showing up in front of the Great Sphinx of Tannis in a sand-colored leo with a matching coat and hat.

And the lady behind the killer looks is none other than Beyonce’s stylist Zerina Akers. She’s been working with Queen Bey for a while and is responsible for many of her amazing looks, including what she’s daunting during her tour.

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