“If you are not willing to walk around in black, white and beige your whole life, you need to find your personal classic colour”

When you are like me and you want to build a classic wardrobe, it is always hard to mix in some colour as well. Most colours are limited to different seasons, hair colours or skin tones. Not to say you can’t wear peach when you are pale as a ghost – please do what you like and wear what you feel comfortable in – but there were certain colours I didn’t like to wear anymore when I dyed my hair blonde. Also this super cute yellow denim shorts were a good idea when I bought them on holiday in Thailand, but now… My point is, there are certain things, which will never be a classic. But if you are not willing to walk around in black, white and beige your whole life (which I am certainly not), you need to find your personal classic colour(s). The obvious choices are navy blue and red. It seems they are the staples when it comes to colourful clothes. But let us take a step back for a minute. The most important thing with fashion is, that you like what you wear and you feel confident in it. So to find your classic colour, the first question has to be: which colour do I wear the most and matches most of my non-coloured items?


“Everyone will tell you to buy something in black or a neutral colour”

For me this colour has always been red (obviously). I think red is a great colour for all skin types and hair colours, but especially for brunettes. It is also a great colour, because you can always match it with a lipstick (bonus!). So if you found your special colour, you can go wild and buy a skirt, a dress, a pullover, a handbag, shoes or a belt and mix and match them with your usual wardrobe. I also stick to a red based scheme with my second favorite colour to wear: pink. Bubblegum pink, blush tones – I love them all. And they also can be combined with my red clothes, which always comes in handy when you’re trying to build a solid wardrobe, where everything goes with everything. So to sum it up, it is really useful to find THE colour for you. Normally with designer items or any expensive clothes (where expensive can be all between 20 € and 20.000 €, based on your budget) everyone will tell you to buy something in black or a neutral colour like grey or brown, to make a long lasting investment. But fashion should be fun, right? So it is nice to have some coloured items here and there. On that note: Think about your classic colour, so you can invest in things, which will be as classic as a black Chanel for your wardrobe.

Shirt – Miss Selfridge
Leather skirt – Marc’o Polo (similar style)
Tights – Calzedonia
Coat – Paul Costelloe (similar style)
Shoes – Local shoe store
Baker boy hat – Bijou Brigitte (similar style)
Lips – Anastasia Beverly Hills (American D

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