Behind Drew Barrymore’s Intimates Capsule With RACHAEL MCCRARY

What inspired you to go into the fashion industry?

I can’t remember not being in the fashion industry. I’ve been in the industry since I was 15 and was a model. I started designing and making my own clothes at 16 and had a small business in North Carolina. My mother says I would “help” her sew as early as 3 years old. I’ve studied fashion, appreciated it and worked in it for over half my life. I don’t think I chose it. It chose me.

What has been the biggest challenge that you have faced since launching the Dear Drew collection?

No matter who you are or what brand story you’re telling, telling the world or at least your aligned customer base that you exist is challenging. There are so many forms of media these days, we all get his with so much. Creating branding messaging that makes her feel understood is a huge endeavor. We’re grateful she finds us and understand we are telling a special story not to her, but involving her. 

What makes Dear Drew different from all the other brands?

Dear Drew is whimsical. The Dear Drew girl has fun with fashion, doesn’t take it too seriously and enjoys creating new combinations of fabric and print mixing. The collection can take her through various activities and is on par with how we live our lives today. From work to a date to a medication class, we provide her with fashion and comfort. 

As a fashion designer, which other designers inspire you?

Zac Posen, Prabal Gurung, Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford. There are always up and coming designers I follow but those who stand the test of time are the ones to watch. This business is tough and persevering and consistently coming out on top, riding the wave. That’s what’s hard. 

2018 is here, what do you hope to achieve with the Dear Drew brand and do you have any plans to extend the line?

We are launching on Anthropologie in February and are thrilled with the collaboration. We’ve found we hold the same values of style with comfort and finding pleasure in beautiful things. As women, it’s nice to treat ourselves with small, affordable luxuries. Keeping beauty in the home and closet is important. It’s where and what we live our lives in. 

In one sentence, describe who the Dear Drew lover is?

The Dear Drew woman is comfortable in her own skin. She no longer feels the need to wear uncomfortable pushup bras every day. She feels sexy when she feels like herself. Soft, comfortable fabrics make her feel beautiful and confident. We aren’t focused on feeling uncomfortable, we are more present. She understand that moments are precious and if looking beautiful is effortless, she can focus on looking into the eyes of loved ones and taking on life’s challenges. 

Why is the brand based online fully and are there any plans to take this brand offline in other stores or a stand alone?

The brand is sold at 14 Crosby Street in Soho, New York, New York for a full brand experience and perhaps even a glass of Rose while listening to The Eagles.

What is your best moment you have had thus far with Dear Drew?

Gaining feedback from our customers that they understood the message we were trying to convey. They told us they wore our cashmere lounge wear on a plane and felt chic while super comfy. They loved our modal hipster panties and said they were better than wearing nothing at all. We are so glad they lived their lives in our undies and lounge wear.

What else will we see from you as a designer this year?

Many special things at Anthropologie later this year.  With Jewel Toned, more colorful body shapers that fit into your everyday life and are date night approved!

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